On the Trail of Our Ancestors

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David's Genealogical Photo Album
by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

Orange Beads

Michael and Magdalena Wenger
Michael Erb Wenger &
Magdalena Nolt Musselman
Larger Photo
ca. 1870
Sherwood E. Ristenbatt and Mabel W. Wenger
Sherwood E. Ristenbatt
& Mabel W. Wenger
Larger Photo
Emma Wenger Steffy
Emma Wenger Steffy
Larger Photo
ca. 1897

Jonathan B. Speicher and Christiana (Annie) Turpin
Jonathan B. Speicher
Christiana (Annie) Turpin
Larger Photo
ca. 1895
George Lutz
George Lutz
Larger Photo
ca. 1947
John R.Ristenbatt and Mary Katherine Lutz and children
John Rohland Ristenbatt
Mary Katherine Lutz
Larger Photo
ca. 1927


Orange Beads

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