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New York City, NY, October 2, 1860

by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

Orange Beads

Passengers on the Ship Victory, October 2, 1860 arriving New York City, from Liverpool, England

Name Gender Age Occupation Country From
Thomas GrahamMale25 LaborerIreland
Mary (Story?)Female40 ServantIreland
Ann (Story?)Female16 SpinsterIreland
Ann RuffertyFemale16 DomesticIreland
Margaret RuffertyFemale14 DomesticIreland
Mary RiellyFemale16 DomesticIreland
Margaret McGovernFemale24 ServantIreland
Catherine DubbinsFemale30 ServantIreland
Catherine DubbinsFemale14 DomesticIreland
Margaret DubbinsFemale18 DomesticIreland
William AndersonMale24 JoinerIreland
Hugh BruntyMale22 JoinerIreland
Margaret MastersonFemale38 ServantIreland
(Mary?) MastersonFemale12 SpinsterIreland
Thomas FooteMale23 MinerIreland
Bridget SmithFemale32 ServantIreland
Ann SmithFemale30 ServantIreland
Terence McNallyMale20 JoinerIreland
Pat. Mc DonnallMale20 JoinerIreland
Ann BradyFemale20 DomesticIreland
John (Briney?)Male34 TailorIreland
Ellen (Briney?)Female30 ServantIreland
Catherine KingFemale16 DomesticIreland
Margaret (Throd?)Female11 DomesticIreland
Margaret McNallyFemale17 DomesticIreland
Catherine LambFemale17 DomesticIreland
Marget NolanFemale18 DomesticIreland
Edward McCannMale55 JoinerIreland
Margaret McCannFemale55 WifeIreland
Thomas HoseworthMale28 ClerkEngland
Michel EnrightMale50 FarmerIreland
Ellen EnrightFemale50 WifeIreland
John EnrightMale20 MinerIreland
Honorg? EnrightFemale18 DomesticIreland
Michel EnrightMale15 JoinerIreland
Mary BurnsFemale20 DomesticIreland
John P.? GinisMale28 MinerIreland
Patrick MaloneMale23 LaborerIreland
Michal HarleyMale18 LaborerIreland
Catherine DaleyFemale22 DomesticIreland
Catherine KelleyFemale22 DomesticIreland
Mary WalshFemale25 DomesticIreland
Andrew CampbellMale19 FarmerIreland
John MegareyMale18 FarmerIreland
James McMullenMale21 LaborerIreland
John GloverMale20 LaborerIreland
Robert DickeyMale20 JoinerIreland
Sarah (Reary?)Female19 WifeIreland
Michael KellyMale35 MinerIreland
Wm. LittleMale18 FarmerIreland
Isabella LittleFemale20 WifeIreland
Eliza WhitesideFemale22 DomesticIreland
Samuel BurkmyreMale17 FarmerIreland
Ann GilganFemale20 DomesticIreland
Richd. FoundationMale18 JoinerIreland
Michael SheaFemale[sic]20 TailorIreland
Joseph (Adams?)Male25 LaborerIreland
Michael HarmickMale18 CarpenterIreland
William CourtneyMale23 Sailor?Ireland
Johnson ChisnellMale43 FarmerIreland
Ann GeraglityFemale25 DomesticIreland
James CampbellMale40 JoinerIreland
Robert StokesMale32 MinerIreland
Lawrence BatesMale22 LabourerIreland
Mary CashierFemale20 DomesticIreland
John S. MorrisMale34 TailorIreland
Sidney MorrisMale14 TailorIreland
Sidney MorrisMale7 ChildIreland
Eliza McVoyFemale23 SpinsterIreland
Mary McVoyFemale17 SpinsterIreland
Michael McVoyMale12 LabourerIreland
John McVoyMale7 ChildIreland
Jeremiah JoynerMale68 MerchantScotland
Mary JoynerFemale25 SpinsterScotland
John JoynerMale21 StationerScotland
Barnett DangegerMale20 FarmerGermany
Stans. (Rounission?)Male52 MinerGermany
Hans HansonMale25 MinerGermany
Gotleb SchmidtMale46 MinerGermany
Christina SarensonFemale25 SpinsterGermany
Ander NellsonFemale21 SpinsterGermany
Arthur RuddyMale19 MinerIreland
Sarah HemingFemale20 SpinsterEngland
Eliza HemingFemale18 SpinsterEngland
Alice HemingFemale7 SpinsterEngland
James SteeleMale45 CarpenterEngland
Mary BrienFemale27 DomesticIreland
John SheehanMale30 MinerIreland
Mary SheehanFemale27 WifeIreland
(Pattsey?) SheehanFemale2 ChildIreland
William SheehanMaleInfant InfantIreland
Mary DunnFemale22 DomesticIreland
Mary (Egan?)Female20 DomesticIreland
Bridget (Egan?)Female20 DomesticIreland
Julia DugganFemale35 WifeIreland
Michael DugganMale7 ChildIreland
James DugganMale6 ChildIreland
Charles BilstonMale26 MinerIreland
Michael (Callaghan?)Male23 MinerIreland
Mary DorertyFemale20 DomesticIreland
Geo. RadcliffMale21 JoinerIreland
Pat. MeehanMale28 LabourerIreland
John CollinsMale28 LabourerIreland
Margaret (Kirrnan?)Female25 DomesticIreland
Bridget KellyFemale19 DomesticIreland
Henry JamesMale21 JoinerIreland
John GrahamMale21 TailorIreland
Ann GrahamFemale21 WifeIreland
John GrahamMaleInfant InfantIreland
Ann GrahamFemaleInfant InfantIreland
Edward GormickMale25 JoinerIreland
Bridget GormickFemale24 WifeIreland
James GormickMale3 ChildIreland
Sarah GormickFemaleInfant InfantIreland
Petrus EngelMale39 TailorGermany
Petronalla EngelFemale41 WifeGermany
Catherine EngelFemale10 ChildGermany
Petronalla EngelFemale7 ChildGermany
Cornelia EngelFemale5 ChildGermany
Maria EngelFemale3 ChildGermany
John EngleMale InfantDied on Voyage Germany
Simon LieuerandsonMale30 JoinerGermany
Luke BorcoranMale25 ClerkEngland
Elizabeth BorcoranFemale20 WifeEngland
William DoolMale25 LabourerIreland
James KiddMale20 LabourerIreland
Pat KellyMale20 LabourerIreland
Michael QuinnMale18 LabourerIreland
Michael BolandMale16 LabourerIreland
Pat. QuinnMale24 LabourerIreland
John RobertsMale29 LabourerIreland
John BarkerMale26 LabourerIreland
John BusherMale24 LabourerIreland
Mary A. BusherFemale22 WifeIreland
James BusherMaleInfant InfantIreland
Hellen StanleyFemale26 House KeeperIreland
Chs. GoodMale20 LabourerIreland
Ally CashFemale22 DomesticIreland
John QuintonMale25 LabourerIreland
John SaylorMale28 LabourerIreland
Samuel (Heinz?)Male21 MinerGermany
George BegelMale28 MinerGermany
(Johanna?) LamsonMale24 MinerGermany
Leopold BateseyMale22 MInerGermany
Joseph (Kaesher?)Male32 MinerGermany
Frankgo H. KugerMale59 MinerGermany
Edward BolmanMale30 MinerGermany
James ReganMale24 LabourerIreland
Pat. JerneyMale25 LabourerIreland
Ann JerneyFemale50 WifeIreland
Ellen BrannanFemale26 DomesticIreland
Mary SheridanFemale20 DomesticIreland
John McBriartyMale28 LabourerIreland
Pat. O'DonnellMale23 LabourerIreland
Mary MenalisFemale20 DomesticIreland
Catherine MenalisFemale18 DomesticIreland
Chs. ScottMale24 JoinerIreland
Chs. MortimerMale50 MinerEngland
Jane MortimerFemale50 WifeEngland
Mary HaneganFemale35 DomesticIreland
Ellen MuddenFemale12 DomesticIreland
Ann BlackFemale27 DomesticIreland
Eliza RiceFemale32 DomesticIreland
Henry HammellMale32 CarpenterIreland
Eliza HammellFemale28 WifeIreland
Michael HammellMale2 ChildIreland
John HammelMaleInfant InfantIreland
John CrickettMale30 Wire MakerEngland
Eliza CrickettFemale39 WifeEngland

SOURCE: The source for this ship's list is the LDS Family History Center, Microfilm #0175561, originally from the National Archives Microfilm Publications, Roll #205, Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York 1820 - 1897, September 18 - October 18, 1860, List Nos. 895-1007.

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