On the Trail of Our Ancestors

Unknown Ancestors and Places
by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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Can You Identify Any of These People or Places?

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If anyone can identify these people or places, I can be reached at DRistenbatt@dejazzd.com.


This photo was taken circa 1906 of a couple, probably in Burlington County, New Jersey. They are possibly related to the WRIGHTS or LAMBS.


This train station is possibly in Burlington County, NJ, circa 1906


This building existed circa 1906 in possibly Jacobstown, Burlington County, NJ. My Grandmother
Emily Bird WRIGHT ROGERS is standing by the building.


This is a circa 1906 photo of some place in the Burlington County area.
It is likely of either the Jacobstown or Cookstown area.


This is also circa 1906 in Burlington County, New Jersey, probably Cookstown or Jacobstown.
Is anyone able to identify this building?


Jacobstown School Building circa 1906
While the identity of this building is known, I include it in order to give a frame of reference.
Sitting is my maternal grandmother, Emily Bird WRIGHT ROGERS, who went to this school as a girl.
Standing is my aunt, Laura Elizabeth ROGERS.

Orange Beads

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