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Rapho Township, Lancaster County, PA

Orange Beads

NOTE: This cemetery was transcribed by Donna Ristenbatt and Elsie Shade in November, 1997. Elsie is originally from Europe and German is her native language. Her wonderful help was much appreciated with this venture. An earlier transcription has been done by others, but this current transcription reflects the current condition of the cemetery. This is a very small cemetery, but there is also a newer section with a few stones which we did not transcribe. People are still being buried here as of now. Shumaker Cemetery is located at the junction of Shumaker and Old Line Roads in Rapho Township.

Recent Additions: I was recently able to obtain a 1980 transcription of this cemetery, so additions from this transcription will now be reflected in this list.


Orange Beads

ROW 1 William F. Perini Dec. 12, 1968 Dec. 22, 1968 (Stone lying in ground) ----- Emaline daughter of William & Eliza Maze died June 23, 1839 aged 2 months 22 days (Stone lying in ground) The 1980 transcription has 1859 as the death date instead of 1839 ----- Between Emaline and Franklin's stones is a stone observed in the 1980 transcription: In memory of Aaron Son of John & Harriet Sharp Born March 20, 1859 Died July 12th, aged 3 months and 22 days. ----- In memory of Franklin Son of John & Harriet Sharp Born Dec. 6th 1861 Died March 5th 1862 aged 2 months & 30 days ----- In memory of Barbara A. Daughter of Benjamin & Mary Hershey Born July 24th 1856 Died 30th Aug. 1860 Aged 4 years 1 month and 6 days ----- There is rest in Heaven In memory of Clara daughter of Christian & Amelia Hershey Born March 18th 1862 Died August 4th 1862 Aged months & 17 days ----- ROW 2 Anna wife of Henry L. Wenger Born April 28, 1820 Died Aug. 25, 1889 Aged 69 years 3 mos. & 28 days ----- At Rest Henry L. Wenger Born Aug. 19, 1835 Died May 15, 1913 Aged 77 years 8 mos. & 26 days A Beloved Father ----- Hier Ruhet Martin Herr War Geboren den 17ten August 1777 Und Starb den 11ten Mai 1857, sein alter War 79 Jahr, 8 monate Und 24 tage The 1980 transcription has that Martin died in March. ----- Hier Ruhet Magdalena Ehefrau Von Martin Herr Eine Geborne Steinerin Geboren den 28ten Februar 1783 Starb den 28ten Juli 1849 War Alt 66 Jahr 1 Monate Und 19 Tage "Allein und doch nicht ganz allein" ----- Reddish Stone Illegible Looks like last letters of surname are "man" Top of stone says "Hier Ruhet" The 1980 transcription has this stone: Hier Ruhet Catharine Berley eheweib von Johan Berley Tochter von Martin Herr geboren 1818 und Starb den 11ten October 1843 Ihr alter war 25 Jahr 23 tage. (Inscription) ----- Small stone off stump The 1980 transcription has this stone: Hier Ruhet Maria Rennertchetter geboren den 2ten October 1769 Starb den 28ten Januar 1838. Ihr alter war 68 Jahr 3 monat und 26 Tage. ----- Hier Ruhet Johannes Herr Er war geboren den 7 Mai 1813 und starb den 25ten Mai 1833 Im alter von 19 Jahr 2 monate und 19 tage (Illegible poem at bottom) Stone lying in ground (Dates aren't consistent with age) 1980 transcription has that Johannes died in 1832. ----- Small stone with letters A. M. ----- Small stone with letters C. S. 1980 transcription has the letters "G. S." ----- Hier Ruhet Anna Schuhmacher Eine geborne Brubacherin War Geboren Im Jahr 1790 Und Starb den 14 Januar 1828 Sie War 39 Jahr Und 4 Monat (Poem at bottom) Dates aren't consistent with age. ----- Hier Ruhet Sarah Tochter von Christian and Elizabeth Shumaker Wurde geboren den 20ten Februar 1865 War alt 2 tage 1980 transcription has 7 tage ----- Top two lines illegible May be name and "wife or son of" (Abraham?) Schumacher War Geboren den 16 Januar 1833 Starb den 27 Sept. 1834 Alt 1 jahr 8 m 11 tage 1980 transcription has at top: "Zum Andenken Von Abraham Schumacher ist geboren...." ----- In Memory of David Son of Jacob & Leah Shumaker Born January 14th 1872 Died March 12th 1872 Aged 2 months & 4 days ----- Hier Ruhet Anna Tochter von Christian Und Anna Schumacher Sie war Geboren den 13ten July 1835 und starb den 11ten April 1855 War alt 19 Jahr 8 monat und 29 tage Gute nacht ihr meine Lieben Gute nacht ihr Herzens freund, Gute Nacht die sich betrueben und aus lieb fur mich Jetzt weint u.s.w. ----- Hier Ruhet Christian Shumaker Wurde Geboren den 14ten May 1788 und Starb den 13ten Februar 1859 war alt 70 Jahr 8 monate unde 29 tage (Poem at bottom) ----- Hier Ruhet Anna Ehefrau von Christian Schuhmacher, eine Geborne (Rennerlin?) Geboren den 10ten April 1803, starb den 7ten Nov. 1874, war Alt 71 Jahr 6 Monat und 27 tage (Poem in German at bottom) Stone lying in ground 1980 transcription has surname as Rennertin. ----- ROW 3 Small stone with letters J.H. ----- Small stone with letters J.L.F. 1980 transcription has letters J.L.T. ----- Hier Ruhet Mary Tochter von John und Mary Hershey War Geboren den 28 Februar 1830, starb den 4ten Oct. 1856 War alt 26 Jahr, 7 Monate, und 4 tage (Poem in German at bottom) ----- Hier Ruhet Maria Ehefrau von John Hershey sie War Geboren den 2ten August 1794 und Starb den 30ten September, 1857 Ihr alter War 63 Jahr, 1 monat, 28 tage (Poem in German at bottom) Stone lying on ground ----- Hier Ruhet John Hershey War geboren Den 7 March 1790, Starb den 14 Februar (1869?) War alt (79?) Jahr 11 monate, 7 tage (This stone is not totally legible) Weeping Willow Tree on Top of most of the Hershey stones 1980 transcription has 1863 as year of death and age as 72 Jahr. ----- Jacob Hershey Born March 6th 1822 Died Dec. 25th 1880 Aged 58 years 9 months and 19 days ----- Hier Ruhet Maria Tochter von Christian und Elizabeth Steiner Geboren den 8ten Oct. 1833 Und starb den 20ten July 1858 war alt 24 Jahr 9 monat und 12 tage (Poem at bottom) ----- Hier Ruhet Christian Steiner Geboren den 24ten Februar 1804 Starb den 4ten Februar 1872 War alt 70 Jahr 11 Monat und 11 tage (Poem at bottom) 1980 transcription has that Christian was born in 1801 ----- Hier Ruhet Maria Ehefrau von Christian Steiner Geboren den 26ten Januar 1818 Und den starb Den 5ten Februar 1870 Alt 52 Jahr Und 10 tage. ----- Directly behind Maria's stone above Just the top of a stone which reads Magdalena wife of John Witman Born Sept 15, 1812 Rest broken off 1980 transcription has the rest: Died Jan. 26, 1882 Aged 69 yrs. 4 mos. & 11 days. ----- Another stone behind these stones which is broken off and reads John Witman Born (Rest not there) 1980 transcription has: Born April and that the rest of stone is missing. ----- Next stone is a double base This probably had the stones of John and Magdalena Witman ----- Next is a small stone The given name is illegible but could read (possibly Magdalena) The surname Witman is legible and so is the age Died August 27, 1876 Aged 2 months And 8 days 1980 transcription has no matching stone! ----- Next is a stone behind "Magdalena's?" above All that is readable is Died July 28, 1854, Aged 42 yrs. 11 mos. & 5 days Could this possibly be bottom of John Witman stone? 1980 transcription also does not have this stone! ----- Next is somewhat illegible stone Readable is: (Witmann?) B. May 1788 D. May 1851 65? years The 1980 transcription has as follows: Hier Ruhet Susanna Witman Geboren Geistin(?) Sie ist geboren den 5ten May 1785 Starb den 4ten Marz 1851 Alt 65 Jahr 9 m. 30 tage (Inscription) ----- Next is somewhat illegible stone Readable is: (Witman?) B. 1785 D. 1814 1980 transcription has: Hier Ruhet Michael Widman Geboren den 8ten Januar 1785 Starb den 1ten September 1844 Alt 59 Jahr 7 Monat 24 tage. (Inscription) ----- Hier Ruhet Maria Schumacher War geborne (Witman?) Geboren den 21ten ___ 1780 Starb den 17ten ____ 1846 _____ 65 Jahr______ 1980 transcription has: Hier Ruhet Maria Schmidt Eine geboren Widmanin Ist geboren den 21ten November 1780 Starb den 17ten Februar 1846 alt warden 65 Jahre 2 monate und 27 tage. ----- Next is small stone lying against another stone which is in three parts. A little lamb is at the top. All that is readable is: John W. 1980 transcription has: In memory of John W. Son of David and Mary Fass Born Nov. 29, 1867 Died Mar. 17, 1871 Aged 3 years 3 mo. and 18 days. ----- Next is the larger stone Against which this small stone is resting. It is broken into 3 pieces, but is readable. Eve Rennard wife of Andrew McGauley Born Oct. 20, 1809 Died Feb. 15, 1884 Aged 74 years 3 months and 26 days Lost to sight To memory dear. ----- Andrew McGauley Born June 5th 1807 Died April 6th 1885 (Rest is illegible) (Stone lying in ground) 1980 transcription has bottom part: Aged 77 years, 10 mos. & 1 day In life beloved In death lamented. ----- Mother Elizabeth wife of John B. Wenger Born Jan. 12, 1813 Died Sept. 12, 1892 79 years & 8 mos. "Gone but not forgotten" (Elizabeth was a Witman.) ----- Father John B. Wenger born Jan. 15, 1817 Died Sept. 20, 1898 Aged 81 yrs. 8 m. 5 ds. "Gone but not forgotten" ----- ROW 4 Christian Hershey Born June 22, 1824 Died Nov. 23, 1895 Aged 71 years 5 m. 1 day It is finished. (Stone lying in ground) ----- Hier Ruhet Maria Catharina (Fuchs?) Some illegible but readable is Starb den 19ten October 1866 1980 transcription has: Hier Ruhet Anna Catharina Fuchs Eine geborne Dourtin Starb den 19ten October 1866 bracht ihr alter auf Ohngefahr 59 Jahr. ----- George W. son of William and Eliza Maze Born April 11, 1840 Died Nov. 5th 1866 Was 26 years 7 months and 23 days. Civil War Marker and Flag by this stone _____ Thanks to Sonnie Thuma Fissel the following stones have been clarified and amplified. Sonnie is a relative of John Thuma, married to Fianna Schaffner, the Fianna raised by John B. Wenger and Elizabeth Witman mentioned above. ----- Next are two small stones on a double base. All that is readable is: Charles T. and Emma T.

From Sonnie Thuma Fissel above: Charles Thuma Rettew, Son of Fianna Thuma and Albert Rettew (This Fianna was a daughter of John L. Thuma and Fianna Schaffner.) b. 4 March 1884 d. 4 November 1884

Also from Sonnie Thuma Fissel: Emma Thuma Rettew daughter of Fianna Thuma and Albert Rettew Stillborn on 11 November 1885

Fianna (1858-1932) and Albert (1855-1948) (David 'Albert' Spreigel Rettew) are both buried in Mastersonville, PA in the Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery. ----- Next is small stone All that is readable is: Son and the surname Rettew

From Sonnie Thuma Fissel: Son of Fianna Thuma and Albert Rettew Stillborn 21 August 1891 ----- There is next a bit of space Possible stones in ground?

From Sonnie Thuma Fissel, there was another child, possibly buried in this vicinity. Jacob Thuma b. 1864 d. 1864 Age 19 days Son of John Thuma and Fianna Schaffner ----- Solomon Sharpe Born Feb. 25, 1801 Died Jan. 29, 1876 Christiana, his wife Born Apr. 2, 1807 Died Mar. 21, 1885 This is a very new stone with Cross on top. ----- Michael Sharpe Born July 4, 1828 Died June 13, 1889 Aged 60 y. 11 ms. 9 ds. Mary Ann Sharpe Born July 6, 1827 Died Mar. 26, 1914 Aged 86 y. 8 m. 20 ds. ----- J. S. Witman Born Nov. 7, 1848 Died March 25, 1908 1980 transcription has died 1906. ----- Stone lying in ground In Memory of Fanny W. Young Daughter of Lizzie H. Witman b. March 6th 1873 d. May 10th 1878 Aged 5 years 2 mos. 1 day (Inscription) ----- Next stone is in ground All that is readable is John S.

Again from Sonnie Thuma Fissel above: John S. Thuma Son of John Thuma and Fianna Schaffner b. 19 December 1863 d. 19 October 1879 15 yrs. 9 mos. 26 days (About 8 years ago, the word "brother" was legible at the top of the stone.) ----- Next stone is off base and in ground Fianna wife of John Thuma Born Jan. 27, 1837 Died May 18, 1889 Aged 52 years 3 mos. & 21 days. (Fianna was proabably raised as the daughter of John B. Wenger and Elizabeth Witman. She was actually the daughter of just Elizabeth by a previous marriage, to a (Henry?) Schaffner.) Per the 1980 transcription, poem at bottom reads: God called you home, He thought it best. ----- Next stone in ground John L. Thuma Born Sept. 15, 1830 Died May 9, 1894 Aged 63 years 7 mos. & 24 days Fianna's and John's stones are off of a double base.

John was the son of Jacob Thuma and Catherine Lenhart. John was the brother to Abraham, ancestor of Sonnie Thuma Fissel ----- Next stone in ground on an angle In memory of A Son of Joseph and Fanny Bomberger born April 21, 1859 Died the 23rd Aged 2 days. ----- Stone broken off and lying in ground Michael Witman Geboren 6ten Februar 1818 Starb 1sten April 1887 Alter 69 jahr 1 mo und 25 tage? ----- Anna H. Witman Born Sept. 20, 1820 Died February 17, 1906 Aged 85 yrs. 4 mos. & 27 days Text: II Timothy 4:8 ----- Hier Ruhet Jacob Witman Sohn von Michael and Anna Witman Geboren den 20sten September im Jahr 1845, Starb den 4ten Mai 1847? War alt 1 jahr 7 monat und 11 tage ----- Hier Ruhet Rebecca Tochter von Mich. Und Anna Witman Geboren den 5ten Sept. 1853, Starb Den 21ten Sept. 1855, War alt 2 Jahr, und 16 tag. ----- Hier Ruhet Maria Witman Starb den --- September 1840? Alter 1 tage. 1980 transcription has: Anna Witman Starb den 11ten (?) October 18-- Alter 4 tage. ----- ROW 5 At Rest Abraham Maze Sept. 19, 1849 April 25, 1921 ----- William B. Maze Born June 7, 1809 Died June 6, 1890 Aged 80 yrs. 11 mo. 29 days ----- In Back by Utility Shed Broken stone lying against shed Norman B. Son of Harry & Emma Erb Died Jan. 25, 1898 Aged (26?) years ----- In the 1980 transcription, the following were not found that were on a previous transcription: Mary Ann 6 July 1827 - 26 Mar. 1914 J. Herschey, 1834 A. R. 1774 A.B. 1774 Abraham Reiff, 29 Sept. 1769- 1 Apr. 1818 w. Barbara, 1746-1818 Jacob Eby w. Hannah, 1780-1858 The 1980 list was copied by John and Elaine Grace, July 1980

For more information on the Wenger family that is found in this cemetery, be sure to check out the Wenger Home Page by Dan Wenger.

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