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Printed Genealogies
by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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For those researching Dutch lines, it may be helpful to check out printed genealogies, to see if anything has been written about this particular family. Keep in mind, however, that some of these genealogies are more accurate than others, depending upon who writes them. I always advocate primary source research whenever possible. If the printed genealogy mentions a baptism source, then check out the church record, noting the witnesses. If dates are within the time frame for that state's vital records, then check those out. Printed genealogies can be a good starting point, however, and give valuable information and clues. For example, I once researched a family line, only to discover one year later that this family had been researched and a printed genealogy was available. Granted, there were errors in the work, but it would have saved me countless time and energy had I known about this book. Following are printed genealogies that are currently available. This list is not all inclusive. I should also mention that some French Huguenot families will be included in this list, as they are found in the records of the Reformed Dutch Church.

  1. The ACKERMAN Family compiled by Barbara W. Tobey; Vol. 1 (1980) and Vol. 2 (1988)

  2. The ACKERSON/ECKERSON Family in America compiled by Ethel Konight Kolenut - First Six Generations (1994)

  3. The BANTA Genealogy - A Frisian Family, by Theodore M. Banta - Descendants of Epke Jacobse who came from Friesland, the Netherlands to New Amsterdam, February 1659 (1893)

  4. BANTA Pioneers and Records of the Wives and Allied Families by Elsa M. Banta (1983)

  5. A Supplement to BANTA Pioneers and Records of the Wives and Allied Families by Elsa M. Banta (1985)

  6. The BLAUVELT Family Genealogy, Revised Edition by Dorothy A. Moos; Vol. 1 (1987) and Vol. 2 (1994) - The First Six Generations of the Descendants of Gerrit Hendrickson (Blauvelt) - 1620

  7. Ancestors and Descendants of Captain Frans Janse BLOETGOET, Volume I (Revised): Descendants of William BLOODGOOD, the Oldest Son of Captain Frans Janse Bloetgoet, by George M. Bloodgood (1980)

  8. "Dear Cousin": A Charted Genealogy of the Descendants of Anneke Jans BOGARDUS (1605-1663) to the 5th Generation by William B. Bogardus (1996)

  9. The BOGART Family: Tunis Gysbert Bogaert and His Descendants by J.A. Bogart (1959)

  10. Five BOGERT Families: Descendants of Evert, Jan Lawrencz, Cornelis, Guysbert and Harmense Mynderrtse Bogert by Herbert S. Ackerman

  11. More BOGERT Families: Descendants of Cornelise Jansen, Gysbert Uyten and Henry Bogert, with other Bogert Families by Herbert S. Ackerman

  12. Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen BRADT by Cynthia Brott Biasca (1990)

  13. Supplement to Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen BRADT by Cynthia Brott Biasca (1993)

  14. The BRIN(C)KERHOFFS of America 1641-1981 compiled by Theodore Brinckerhoff (1995)

  15. The CHRISTIE Families of Northern New Jersey by Edward T. Maszelec (1989)

  16. A Dutch COOPER Family (CUYPER/KUYPER) and BLAUVELT Family by George R. Griffiths (1995)

  17. The CORTELYOU Genealogy, A Record of Jaques Corteljoy and many of his Descendants by John Van Zandt Cortelyou (1942)

  18. The COURTRIGHT(KORTRIGHT) Family by John H. Abbott - Descendants of Jan Bastiansen and Michael ('Giel) Bastiansen (1920)

  19. Genealogy of the DEBAUN Family- Ten Generations of Descendants of Joost Debaun who settled in New Utrecht, NY 1683 by William H. Wallace (1971)

  20. The DECKER Genealogy by Adm. Benton Weaver Decker, (1980)

  21. The DE GRAW (DEGRAUW) Family in America, 1638-1978 Volume I, compiled by Colista Evelyn Brown Stuewer, Revised August 1985

  22. The DEMAREST Family - a record of the descendants of David desMarets and Marie Sohier (1964)

  23. DEPUY/DEPUE Family History: Nicholas DePui and Catherina Renard, Immigrants, and Their Descendants/ LEROY(LEE)/BECK/DEPUY by LeRoy Beck Depuy (1990)

  24. DE PUY Family History by Ruth P. Heidgerd and Jean M. Smith from Brodhead Family Association, Vol. I - first four generations from Nicholas

  25. The DE WITT Genealogy: Descendants of Tjerck Claessen DeWitt of Ulster County, New York by Mary V. DeWitt

  26. The DEYO (DEYOE) Family (Revised and Enlarged) by Kenneth E. Hasbrouck and Ruth P. Heidgerd (1980)

  27. The DOREMUS Family in America 1687-1987 by Edith Whitcraft Eberhart (Gateway Press, 1990)

  28. The American Descendants of Chretien DUBOIS of Wicres, France compiled by William Heidgerd, 20 volumes 1968-1984 (DuBois Family Association)

  29. The DURIE Family by Howard I. Durie - Jean Durier of the Huguenot Colony in Bergen County, New Jersey (1985)

  30. The HARDENBERG Family by Myrtle Hardenburgh Miller - family came from Holland in the 1600s to New York (1958)

  31. Revised History of HARLEM by James Riker (1904) - includes TOURNEUR, WALDRON, MONTANYE, and others


  33. The History of the City of PATERSON and the County of PASSAIC, by William Nelson (Includes families POST, VAN RIPER, SPEER, VAN HOUTEN, VAN WAGONER, VAN WINKLE, RYERSON, DOREMUS, HOPPER, VAN GIESEN, WESTERVELT, and others) (1901)

  34. Genealogie van de familie HOGEWONING (HOOGEWONING, HOOGEWOONING, HOOGEWOONINK or Terug naar de HOEGE WOENINCK, Amsterdam/Rijnsburg (1995)

  35. The HOPPER Family Genealogy compiled by Maria Jean Pratt Hopper - Descendants of Andries Willemszen HOPPE(N) of New Amsterdam 1651-1658 The First Six Generations - You may e-mail Ree at reetree@optonline.net

  36. HUYCK, HOWK, HOUCK in America 1600's to 1982 by Sylvia E. Wilson (1982), Andries Hanse Huyck born 1647 married to Catryna Van Valkenburg and up to present day.

  37. History of the KING Family in Flanders & America, 1300s-1980, (including connecting families of HANSON, HAUGHEY, LAMB, LAURENCE, McCLAREN, McEWEN, SKEER, SWEESY, VANDEGRIFT, WESTFALL and others) by Dr. Robert E. King & Mrs. Doris R. (Van Dusen) Jones, 1980; plus Volume II, The Ancestry and Descendants of Pieter de CONINCK (King) & his wife Anna CALET, Immigrants to New Castle County, Delaware by 1680/81

  38. History of the KIP Family in America by Kip and Hawley (1928)

  39. Isaac KOOL (COOL OR COLE) and Catherine SEVERN, married 1764 at Tappan, New York; their descendants, complete to 1876. (1876) by D. Cole

  40. History of the KUYKENDALL Family by George Benson Kuykendall (1919)

  41. KUYKENDALL Families of America including KIKENDALL, KIRKENDALL and COYKENDALL, Vol. 1-6 with Index, by Velma Kuykendall Winn

  42. Genealogy of the Family of LONGSTREET (LANGESTRAET) by Edward Mayes

  43. 6000 New York Ancestors: A Compendium of MABIE Research by R. Robert Mutrie (1986)

  44. The MIDDAUGH Family History by Jack K. Middaugh, (1995), published by Ulster County Genealogical Society

  45. NEW HARLEM REGISTER - A Genealogy of the Descendants of the Twenty-three Original Patentees of the Town of NEW HARLEM Containing Proofs of Births, Baptisms and Marriages From the Year 1630 to Date by Henry Pennington Toler (1903)

  46. Ancestors and Descendants of Garrett PETERSON and Nancy SMOCK by William L. Peterson (1987) (Descendants of Claes Cornelissen Van Schouw who come to New Amsterdam in 1637)

  47. Biographical and Genealogical Notes of the PROVOST Family from 1545-1895 by A. J. Provost

  48. The QUACKENBUSH Family in America by Gail Richard Quackenbush; Descendants of Pieter and Maritie Quackenbosch (Quackenbos, Quackenbush, aka Bont) from Holland, Netherlands (1987)

  49. A Genealogy of the QUICK Family in America, 1625-1942, by Arthur C. Quick (1942)


  51. The RYERSON Genealogy by Albert Winslow Ryerson - Includes all known descendants of Martin and Adriaen Ryersz (Reyerszen) of Amsterdam, Holland (1916)

  52. The RYERSE-RYERSON Family and History of the Brothers Samuel Ryerse - Joseph Ryerson, Early Pioneers of Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, by Phyllis Ryerse and Thomas Ryerson (1994)

  53. SCANDINAVIAN IMMIGRANTS in New York 1630-1674 by John O. Evjen (Includes Anneke Jans BOGARDUS, Claes Claesen BORDING, Engeltje MANS, Hendrick Janszen SPIER, Laurens Andriessen VAN BUSKIRK, and others) (1916)

  54. SCHERMERHORN Genealogy & Family Chronicles by Richard Schermerhorn Jr. (1914)

  55. SCHIERMONNIKOOGER Geslachten, SCHIERMONNIKOOG Families published by Hendo Dirks Teensma. (1989) (Includes DE GROOT, HOEKSTRA, DE JONG, POST, SWART, VAN DER ZEE among many others) For additional information, contact Cornelia Warner at fenenga@mminternet.com

  56. William SCHURMAN, Loyalist of Bedeque, Prince Edward Island and His Descendants by Ross Graves (1972), 2 Volumes. (Harmen Schuerman in New Netherlands ca. 1630)

  57. SEBRING COLLECTIONS by Walter W. Sebring and John C. Sebring, originally published 1975, Second Printing 1987, Soon a third printing; A History and Genealogy of the SEBRING family, beginning with Roelof Lukassen Seubering in Beyle, Drenthe, Netherlands. For further information, contact Laura Sebring Paulus at: paul211@mail.bright.net

  58. Cornelis Barentse SLECHT and Some of His Descendants compiled by Lawrence T. Slaght. (1973)

  59. The SNEDEKER Family (and other spellings) by Harold Ray Snedeker (1970)

  60. The Book of SNEDEKERS by Walter C. Snedeker, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Venture Press. (1992)

  61. Genealogies of NEW JERSEY Families from the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey; 2 volumes. (Includes excellent article on SPIER Family by Janet T. Riemer in January 1980 issue)

  62. The STRYKER Family in America (3 volumes) by William N. Stryker

  63. TEN BROECK Genealogy by Emma Ten Broeck Runk (has information on VAN RENSSELEAR family also) (1897)

  64. Descendants of Albert Albertse TERHUNE of 1654 by Herbert S. Ackerman (1946)

  65. A TERHUNE FAMILY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY From 16th Century France to 20th Century Indiana and Beyond: Albert Albertse TERHUNE and His Descendants Through His Grandson, Roelof Janse TERHUNE by Charles Terhune Duncan. Ordering information may be obtained from the author, Charles T. Duncan at: ctduncan@ori.net

  66. The TERWILLIGER Family in America by George B. & Myraon L. Terwilliger, Third Edition, (1994)

  67. The Family History of the TIETSOORT/TEACHOUT Family in America by Patricia L. Donlin (date n/a)

  68. The VAN ARNHEM Family in North America

  69. The VAN BLARCOM Family of New Jersey, as found in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society's Record, Volume 99 by George Olin Zabriskie (13 issues)

  70. Genealogy of the VAN BRUNT Family of New York (1653-1867) by Teunis G. Bergen (1967)

  71. The VAN BUSKIRK Family - a legacy from New Amsterdam by Irene English Shoemaker (1990)

  72. VAN DE MARK or VAN DER MARK Ancestry by Kate Boon Bovery, et al (1942) (published by Ulster County Genealogical Society

  73. VAN DEURSEN Family by Capt. Albert Harrison Van Deusen (1912) (for corr. see NYG&B Record)

  74. The VAN DEVENTER Family by Christobelle Van Deventer (1943) Second edition by Paul Vandevander (1978)

  75. The VAN DORN Family (Van Doorn, Van Dorn, Van Doren, etc.) in Holland and America, 1088-1908 by A. Van Doren Honeyman (1909)

  76. VAN DUYNE, Descendants of Abraham Gerretse VAN DUYNE by Richard Walter Van Duyne, [private printing], Nov. 1997, 86 pgs., [cross index included], Covering most of the Morris County, NJ VAN DUYNES Contact information: Send e-mail to: Dick111@aol.com

  77. An Historical Record of the VAN HORNE Family in America by A. Van Horn (1888)

  78. Christian Barentsen VAN HORN and Some of His Descendants by George Olin Zabriskie in the American Genealogist, Vols. 43 and 44. (1967 and 1968)

  79. The Ancestors and Descendants of Simon VAN NESS and Hester DELAMETER by David M. Riker, 442 Woodcrest Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA (1981-84) >The VAN NORDEN Family - Family History 1623-1925 by T. Van Norden (1923)

  80. VAN PATTEN compiled by Fran I. Hindmarsh, rev. 1997, 326 p., begins with the arrival of
    Claas Frederickse Van Petten in New Netherlands in or before 1664. Write to: F.I. Hindmarsh for details.

  81. The VAN SLYKE Family in America: A Genealogy of Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyke 1604-1676 and his Mohawk wife OTS-TOCH, including the story of Jacques Hertel, 1603-1651, Father of Ots-Toch, and Interpreter to Samuel de Champlain, by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

  82. A VAN TUYL Chronicle: 650 Years in the History of a Dutch American Family, by Rory L. Van Tuyl and Jan N. A. Groenendijk (1996)

  83. Genealogy of the VAN VALKENBURG Family in America: Genealogy of the Known Descendants of Lambert and Annatje Van Valckenburgh Who Migrated to New Amsterdam (New York) in 1642-44 by Paul I. Van Valkenburgh (1976)

  84. The VAN VOORHEES Family - the First Four Generations by Albert L. Stokes, published by the Van Voorhees Association - Descendants of Steven Coerts

  85. The Genealogy of Jacob Aertsen VAN WAGENEN of Wageningen, Holland 1637-1994 by Carl S. Van Wagenen (1994)

  86. Genealogy of the VAN WAGENEN Family by G. Van Wagenen (1884)

  87. The History of Abraham Isaacse VER PLANCK and His Male Descendants in America by William Edward Ver Planck (1892)

  88. History and Genealogy of the VREELAND Family by N. G. Vreeland (1909)

  89. The VROOMAN Family in America: Descendants of Hendrick Meese VROOMAN Who Came From Holland to America in 1664 by Grace Elizabeth (Vrooman) Wickersham (1949)

  90. Genealogy of the WESTERVELT Family by Westervelt and Dickinson (1905)

  91. The WORTENDYKES of Bergen County, New Jersey, Descendants of Frederick Jacobsen Wortendyke, by Louise (Howes) Burnett, NYG&B Record, October 1972-April 1973

  92. The WYCKOFF Family in America by the Wyckoff Association of America from Edwin L. Sharp, Lessee. - Descendants of Pieter Claesen

  93. WYNKOOP Genealogy by Richard Wynkoop, Second Edition, 1878 and Third Edition (1904)

  94. ZABRISKIE Family by George Olin Zabriskie (2 Vols) - 301 year history of the descendants of Albrecht Zabrowski (1963)

Many of these books may be obtained from the following:

Bergen Historic Books
P.O. Box 244
Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: (201) 816-0585
E-MAIL: bhb@cybernex.net
For additional titles, send an S.A.S.E. to above address.

Or visit the web site of Bergen Historic Books for further information!

NOTE:  If you know of a printed genealogy which you feel should be added, please let me know via e-mail. Also, please e-mail me if you need help locating one of these works.

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