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Orange Beads

Muster Roll of Capt. John Howard's Company of New York Volunteers Commanded by Lieut. Col. George Turnbull Esq., Commandant at Paulus Hook, February 1778

NOTE: This muster roll has been graciously donated by Al Steinburg. You may write to him at steina@recorder.ca. The handwriting on this muster roll was particularly challenging. If you have a question on one of the men's names, feel free to e-mail to me.

Rank Names Reason Absent
CaptainJohn Howard
LieutenantThomas Franey
EnsignJonathan Anderson
SergeantStephen Dusenbury
SergeantJohn Mitchell
SergeantJohn Franey
SergeantWilliam H--? (Howe?)
CorporalFrances McDonald
CorporalWilliam Stagler
CorporalDaniel Crain
CorporalRobert Crannell
DrummerCharles (Hereford)?
DrummerAbraham Steinburgh
PrivateThomas Griffin
PrivateJoseph Cherry
PrivateJohn (Verdon)?
PrivateDaniel AllenDead Dec. 30, 1777
PrivateThomas Hatfield
PrivateJohn Boss
PrivateJoseph Boss
PrivateSamuel Hawkins
PrivateJacob Williams
PrivateWilliam BriggsDetached with certificate
PrivateBenjamin Dusenbury
PrivateWilliam CarpenterIn Command
PrivateSamuel Jackson
PrivateJacob Chatterlon
PrivateElijah Jones
PrivateElijah Jones[sic]
PrivateIsaac Every
PrivateDavid Long
PrivateHenry Cashow/Hishaw?Duty
PrivatePeter Comly Transferred in the Vacant Company
PrivateHenry WeeksTailor in Harlem
PrivateStephen ThornDuty
PrivateJames Davis
PrivateStephen Jackson
PrivateJames Sissille
PrivateAugustus Moon
PrivatePeter Diamond
PrivatePeter WalkerTailor at Harlem
PrivateJacob Acker
PrivateBaltus Vealy
PrivateStephen Mosure
PrivateFrancis Wilson
PrivateJohn Jones
PrivateJohn Murphy
PrivateBenjamin Gifford
PrivateJohn Nelson
PrivateRichard Lawrence
PrivateJames Symmons
PrivateJacob Mott
PrivateSylvester Handly
PrivateWilliam Wyng
PrivateNathan Browne
PrivateDavid Jaicocks
PrivateObadiah GriffinRecruiting
PrivateJames Story
PrivateFryer Terbousch
PrivateWilliam Steenburugh[sic]
PrivateJohn GritmanDuty
PrivateJohn Badgely
PrivateCalyb SymmonsPrisoner with the rebels
PrivateHenry TownshendDuty
PrivateThomas BeemusDuty
PrivateUriah HallRecruiting
PrivateEliphlet Symson
PrivateThomas Reynolds
PrivateDaniel Triver
PrivateGeorge Triver
PrivateIsaac German
PrivateBastion Triver
PrivateJacob Triver
PrivateGeorge Acker
PrivatePeter Steenburugh[sic]
PrivateJohn Barnhawk Taken in to Col. Hinly? by Regiment
PrivateElithan Brewer
PrivateEdward Devall
PrivateDavid Carter
PrivateThomas StraitDead April 16, 1777
PrivateJohn (Aark)?
PrivateZachariah Lowe
PrivatePaul Rikert
Private(Aalia)? Stackhouse
PrivateWilliam Saunders
PrivateJohn Byngham
PrivateAndrew Longyear
PrivatePeter Houadorne
PrivateBaltus Scriver

SOURCE: National Library of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Film Number: C-4219.

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