On the Trail of Our Ancestors

Pennsylvania Dutch Quiz
by Donna Speer Ristenbatt

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Even though many of the Mennonites who came to Lancaster County, PA were of Swiss origin, they had lived for awhile in the Palatinate. As a result, they picked up the language of southern Germany, and also much of the culture of this region. Numerous expressions may be heard in Lancaster County that reflect this "Pennsylvania Dutch", as it has come to be known. These expressions, while not as frequent as in years past, still may be heard.

Perhaps you would like to see if you can figure some of them out.

  1. outen the light

  2. kotz

  3. fasnacht

  4. rutsch around

  5. go a piece

  6. mulli

  7. slippy

  8. hutsch

  9. butter bread

  10. brutz baby

  11. schleck

  12. gedunk

  13. fress

  14. snake guarder

  15. it wonders me

  16. you better would

  17. schmutz

  18. stroobly

  19. This is redd-up day

  20. I need jumped

  21. smear case

  22. It's all

  23. schushlich

Go here for the answers.

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