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Marriage Appendices
(Dutch Version)

NOTE:Another record found on the index of civil registration records for various towns in the Netherlands is the Huwelijksbijlagen, or marriage appendices. In my opinion , next to the Huwelijken which are also on the LDS Family History Library Catalog indexes, these are the most valuable records of the civil registration records which you can obtain.

Huwelijksbijlagen include the following (usually):

  1. Birth record extract of the husband.
  2. Birth record extract of the wife.
  3. Death record extracts of any deceased parents of the couple.
  4. Certificate of National Militia service of the husband, including a physical description of the same.
  5. Certificate of Non Opposition (meaning that the couple has published their intent of marriage, and no one has opposed this intent.

Here is an example of the fourth item.

Nationale Militie, Provincie Zeeland, Certificaat

De Staatsraad Gouverneur van de Provincie Zeeland verklaart, dat Pieter Kroes geboren te Breskens den 14 april 1813 van beroep boereknecht, zoon van Pieter Kroes en van Tannetje Faas, van beroep arbeider wonende te Schoondijke in het jaar 1832 in de Gemeente Schoondijke voor de Nationale Militie is ingeschreven; dat aan hem vervolgens gij de Loting is ten deele gevallen het Nummer "28" het welke tot heden niet opgeroepen zijnde, hem tot geene dienst heeft verplight. Gegeven te Middelburg den 28 april 1843 de Staatsraad Gouverneur voornoemd.


Handteekening: Kan niet schrijven

English Translation:

National Militia, Province of Zeeland, Certificate

The Governor of the province of Zeeland declares that Pieter Kroes, born in Breskens the 14th of April 1813, occupation farmhand, son of Pieter Kroes and Tannetje Faas, occupation laborer, living in Schoondijke, in the year 1832 in the municipality of Schoondijke, is inscribed in the National Militia; that has been fallen in his lot the number "28", which number, not having been called yet, has not obliged him to any military service. Given in Middelburg, the 28th of April 1843, the Governor aforesaid....

Signalement= Personal description

Signature: Cannot write

NOTE: At the time and many years later, there was a lottery for military service. One drew a number when at the age for military service. Depending upon this number, he was "drawn out" or "drawn in" and then had to fulfull military service.

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