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Muster Roll of Capt. Randall's Company in His Majesty's Loyal American Regiment Commanded by Colonel Beverly Robinson, August 27, 1778

NOTE: This muster roll has been graciously donated by Al Steinburg. You may write to him at steina@recorder.ca. The handwriting on this muster roll was particularly challenging. If you have a question on one of the men's names, feel free to e-mail to me.

Rank Names Reason Absent
CaptainJonathan Randall
LieutenantAnthony AllaireComm. Loyds Neck
EnsignFrederick Phillips Rokmen?
SergeantJeremiah Fowler
SergeantWilliam NelsonWith Col. Innes
SergeantWilliam HaightComm. Loyds Neck
CorporalJohn Tompkins
CorporalJohn Travis
CorporalDaniel DevoeComm. Loyds Neck
DrummerJohn JamesComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateGabriel StrangComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateNehemiah (Travis)? or Frairs?
PrivateMoses ReedComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateWilliam SherwoodWith Col. Innes
PrivateRobert (Travis)? or Frairs?
PrivateWilliam LongehaffLoyds Neck
PrivateStephen Hacks
PrivateJames Cronck
PrivateZachariah Hill
PrivateJames Hill
PrivateGideon TeathoukWith Col. Innes
PrivateIsaac HallComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateCaleb Plumb
PrivateJohn Frost
PrivateJohn JamesComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateElijah TompkinsSick in Quarters
PrivateTunas BrewerComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateHenry SchadgalComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateSteven SturgeSick in Quarters
PrivateIsrael OuthouseComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateEdward Tompkins
PrivateWilliam Tompkins
PrivateJohn Nelson
PrivateThomas ClarkeComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateJesse LockwoodComm. Loyds Neck
PrivateJohn Brewer
PrivateNathan Turner
PrivateJacob (Serine)?With ye Cha??
PrivateJohn ClarkePrisoner with Rebels

SOURCE: National Library of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Film Numbers: CC-4218 and C-4219.

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