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American Revolutionary War
Includes Men from Bergen County, New Jersey

Orange Beads

Muster Roll of Captain Peter Ruttan's Company in the 4th Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Buskirk Esqr.- Place not given. (Date not given, possibly January, 1779):

Rank Names Enlistment Reason Absent
CaptainPeter Ruttan
LieutenantJames Sirvannier
EnsignPhilip Van Cortland On Long Island by leave
SergeantSamuel Vangeser
SergeantWilliam Bell
SergeantGeorge Webb
CorporalJohn HopperOn board Sloop Nipten
CorporalPhilip Hanselpacker
CorporalJohn Bellew
DrummerJoseph Sights
PrivateJacob Romine
PrivateJohn Sickels
PrivatePeter Rednor
PrivateNicholas Himmion
PrivateSamuel Demeray
PrivateAbraham Ackerman
PrivatePeter Ramsey
PrivateGeorge Cope
PrivateGeorge Himmion
PrivateJacob Himmion
PrivateHenery Wanmaker
PrivateTimothy Collens
PrivateCoonrod Hanselpacker
PrivateLewick Fisher
PrivateJohn Van Sile
PrivateGeorge SmithOn board Sloop Nipten
PrivateWilliam Rednor
PrivatePeter SmithOn board Sloop Nipten
PrivateStephen Foster
PrivateBortus New Housen
PrivateNautus StakerRegiment Hospital
PrivateFrances BatyRegiment Hospital
PrivateWilliam CrawfordRegiment Hospital
PrivateJohn Page
PrivateBarnard RyleyGeneral Hospital
PrivateJohn Britt
PrivateJohn Connely With Major Brown
PrivateThomas Wood Deserted
PrivateRobart Clighorn With Southern Army
PrivateJohn Wilkison With Southern Army
PrivateWilliam Smith Recruiting in the Country
PrivateJacob Ackerson Recruiting in the Country
PrivateRichard Ackerman Recruiting in the Country
PrivateJohn Abel Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateWilliam Sturr Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateNicholus Wanmaker Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateRichard Wanmaker Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateFrederick Bruce Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateCoonrod Frisinor Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateWilliam Brown Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivatePeter Fisher Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateJacob Montonye Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateWilliam Winter Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateDavid Byard Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateHenery Lawbock Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateMatthew Bennett Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateAbraham Ruttan Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateWilliam Ramsey Prisoner with the Rebels
PrivateDavid Degrote Prisoner with the Rebels

Note on Richard Wanmaker: Richard Wannamaker died in gaol in Philadelphia in 1780. His widow, Elizabeth, married a John Post, and settled in the Maugerville, New Brunswich, Canada area.

Transcribed by Donna Ristenbatt. From the New Jersey State Archives, Trenton, NJ. Loyalist Muster Rolls, Reel #232, Vol. 4, pg. 1237.

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